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An independent graphic design and communication consulting service by Julie Elliott 

The demands placed on emergency managers are only increasing. You have less time than ever, but the need for your work has never been greater. Consistent, clear communication in all forms is needed, but do you find you rarely have time to commit to these tasks?

Enter Emergency Management Designed (EMDesigned)


EMDesigned is a consulting service provided by me, Julie Elliott. I am a current professional writer, document designer, disaster researcher, PhD student, and (perhaps most importantly) a former emergency manager. My work experience has involved a wide array of tasks, from writing and formatting emergency plans, developing social media content, crafting press releases, drafting grant applications, creating education course content, and much more. Whatever your outreach needs, I can help you communicate your message through multi-media content (both written and visual).


I believe emergency preparedness and crisis communication is important, so my work is affordable. Review my list of services to see how I can meet your needs.

Want to know more about me and my experience? Visit the main page of my website at



  • Consulting

  • Data management

  • Social media maintenance

  • Social media strategizing

  • Social media training

Discount for nonprofits

Do you work for a nonprofit, church, or humanitarian organization involved with emergency management or disaster services? Your work is important. I offer a special discount so you have more to focus on your mission.


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Use this form to request a quote or service. When you complete this form, I will follow up with you directly via email with my service contract and a quote for the services you have requested. If consultation is needed in order to develop a quote, I will coordinate with you to arrange a voice or video call. Filling out this form does not commit you or your agency to any service.

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